Read the sign

Every time a new Senran Kagura trailer is released, the Push Square office despairs - but not because we've got something against the franchise. Indeed, the main worry is that anytime we decide to cover Marvelous' shameless series, we all know that one of us - even if it's just a thought in the back of your mind - is going to be labelled a pervert. Time to get the Father Ted picture out, we suppose.

Anyway, you really shouldn't watch this latest video at work. The rather well named Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash takes the cast of past games and sticks them in a tropical paradise where they can afford to wear even skimpier costumes than usual. Our familiar female ninja then proceed to soak each other with every type of water gun imaginable. Fun in the sun and all that.

Peach Beach Splash is out in Japan in March next year, and it'll be coming West at some point after that. Are you looking forward to this one? Don't get too excited in the comments section below.