See the image that we've embedded above? That PlayStation Plus banner is sitting on the European PlayStation Store right now. It obviously has 'November Monthly Games' written on it, but neither of the games that are pictured were part of this month's line up, suggesting that these two titles will be heading December's offering on PlayStation 4.

The two games on show are Invisible, Inc. - a strategic stealth-'em-up that our own Alex Stinton really enjoyed - and the awfully named Stories: The Path of Destinies, which is a reasonably clever action role-playing release that features a fun, branching story. We quite liked that one as well, but we were forced to point out that the title had some surprisingly poor frame rate issues. Fortunately, from what we understand, those problems have since been patched.

Would you be happy with those two games, or were you hoping for something different in December? Wait patiently for the official word in the comments section below.