Digital Foundry's back with another tech analysis, this time taking a look at Ratchet & Clank - arguably one of the PlayStation 4's most polished titles. Given how pretty the game looks to begin with, we would have assumed that the release wouldn't benefit from the additional power of the recently released PS4 Pro to any large degree, but according to the aforementioned publication, the colourful platformer is better than ever on Sony's supercharged console.

Although it's not flaunting native 4K, the heightened resolution apparently gives the title a nice visual edge, and the frame rate holds strong at 30fps even when there's complete chaos unfolding on screen. Good stuff, then, but supposedly, it's the HDR settings that really make the difference. According to Digital Foundry, the game pops to an unprecedented degree with HDR enabled - so much so that going back to the standard settings makes the title appear washed out.

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