If this turns out to be the last article that you ever read from your disgraced editor, then you'll know that Interpol raided Push Square Towers shortly after going to press. Summer Lesson, a PlayStation VR exclusive in Japan only, sees you spending alone time with a teenager under your tutelage – and while it's not overtly sexual, it's certainly implied.

Being entirely in a foreign language, it's hard to understand the actual gameplay loop here, but it appears to be built around the concept of building a relationship with the student – albeit a (mostly) platonic one, of course. You're able to set her what appear to be different tasks, and there are dialogue decisions along the way which seem to affect her view of you.

Summer Lesson PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Visually, it's impressive. Sure, there's some low-resolution blur, but the character model is incredibly well animated, and while it never feels "real", it's an immersive experience if you remove all of the loading screens. The girl does look a little too big, however – almost like she's suffering from giantism or some other ailment which has caused her to grow eight feet tall.

Naturally, this game will never play to a Western audience, but there is the nugget of a good idea here. The most striking thing about virtual reality is how it manages to make the mundane interesting again, and we can certainly imagine a future title where the sole gameplay mechanic is interacting with an AI character. In fact, our mind is whizzing with ideas already.

Unless you can speak and read Japanese, though, it's hard to recommend Summer Lesson at this stage – and even if you can, it's pretty light on content when you consider the price tag. It's new concepts like this that will make or break PlayStation VR, though, rather than attempts to shoe-horn existing mechanics into virtual reality settings.

More of this, please – minus the mildly creepy scenario.

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