Got no friends to go to a real sports bar with? PlayStation VR's got your back, as the makers of Pool Nation have announced SportsBarVR – a new multiplayer social experience that will allow you to chug drinks and play pool in virtual reality with up to six other people. It's clearly very cool technology, but it's all a bit tragic when you stop and think about it, eh?

The game will include various minigames for you to interact with, including pool, air hockey, darts, skeeball, chess, and more. The studio suggests that there'll be more official content to come, though you can invent your own activities, like swinging at bottles with pool cues and fighting with chairs… Y'know, just generally making a nuisance of yourself.

This one's set to release on 13th October, meaning that it's another launch title to add to your list. We're honestly beginning to lose count of 'em now.