Back near the end of April, Koei Tecmo released a playable demo for Nioh on PlayStation 4, and the whole thing ended up generating a good amount of hype for the samurai styled action title. With its prior success in mind, the Japanese publisher has slapped a launch date on the game's second demo, which will be available from the 23rd August until the 6th September on Sony's console.

The upcoming 'beta demo' will feature a training stage where players can learn the ins and outs of Nioh's hardcore combat system, and there'll be a bunch of new weapon types for you to discover. We actually quite liked the previous demo and came to the conclusion that the project has real potential, so here's hoping that this second look boosts our confidence in Team Ninja's creation further.

Will you be sharpening your blade for Nioh's return? Cut your foes to ribbons in the comments section below.

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