brawlout ps4.jpg

Remember when people used to bang on about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale being a rip-off of Super Smash Bros.? Well, we'd love to see what those same people have to say about Brawlout - a platforming beat-'em-up that features damage percentages and off-screen knockouts.

Sure, it may not have brand mascots beating the snot out of each other like the two other aforementioned titles, but make no mistake: this is basically Nintendo's popular fighting franchise on PlayStation 4 - and we're fine with that as long as it actually ends up being a good game. At the minute, all we can say is that we quite like the look of the four-armed frog.

Brawlout is due to launch early next year on Sony's current-gen platform, but are you interested? Don't fall off-screen in the comments section below.