The Game Awards 2016 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Oh, great. As we mentally prepare ourselves for a week of exorbitantly late night streams, industry icon Geoff Keighley has revealed that we can look forward to one more on 1st December, when The Game Awards will return. We thought that last year's show was just about as good as one could reasonably expect an awards ceremony based on games to be, so we're sure that this year's edition will maintain that high standard.

One intriguing thing about the show, however – which was spotted on a banner hanging outside the LA Convention Center – is that it will be presented on "every gaming screen and VR". We haven't got a clue how it's going to broadcast the event in virtual reality, but consider our interest very much piqued. Keighley himself is staying tight-lipped for the moment, but we're sure that he'll plug the event during one of his E3 2016 live streams next week.