Star Trek Bridge Crew PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Well, we can't say that we saw this coming: Ubisoft is making a co-operative multiplayer game for PlayStation VR named Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The title – developed by Red Storm Entertainment – will find you collaborating with buddies aboard the Aegis, assuming different roles in order to safely navigate the galaxy.

"At first, people may think you're just pushing buttons and that's lame," said creative director David Votypka. "However, it's what the buttons do that makes it cool. You're on a Federation starship firing torpedoes, raising shields, and turning on the red alert. That's an awesome sensation, especially when you're playing in VR with friends."

The Aegis will be practically identical to the Enterprise, and there'll be both story-based and randomly generated missions for you to complete. "It's up to you if you want to try the Kirk approach or be more methodical," Votypka continued. "The game is more about how you and your crew approach situations. It's not binary."

We'll see more at Ubisoft's press conference later today, which you can watch live on Push Square.

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