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It sold out within minutes of being available for pre-order on Amazon, and now Sony has warned that PlayStation VR may be supply constrained when it launches on 13th October. "We have growing confidence that we'll be supply constrained with this product, but we'll do our very best to meet demand," boss Andrew House told CNBC. "Virtual reality is a medium that's in its infancy. With such a nascent, very new form of storytelling, it's difficult to predict what user uptake is going to be."

Of course, at $399.99, the PlayStation 4 peripheral won't be cheap – but the popularity of the brand coupled with Sony's global marketing clout means that it's likely to fly off shelves early doors. And the software is likely to join it, with the executive suggesting that titles will cost between $20 and $40 generally – lower than the average boxed game. There will be some titles that cost more or less, apparently, but it looks like we're going to see a wide spectrum of prices.