fallout 4 far harbor ps4.png

Far Harbor, Fallout 4's first true expansion, releases tonight on PlayStation 4 at 00:01AM wherever you are, and it's safe to say that many fans of Bethesda's open world role-playing game are excited. If the hype bug hasn't quite bit you yet, though, you may want to take a look at the add-on's new trailer, which features members of the development team dropping hints on what you can expect to find in Far Harbor.

Truth be told, the video's done a great job of getting us hyped for the expansion. After putting so many hours into exploring the Commonwealth, we're eager to scavenge our way through a totally new location, discovering secrets and looting some powerful new equipment. Speaking of which, the trailer also shows off new weapons and armour that are exclusive to the expansion, which, as we speculated, includes a set of power armour that you can wear as though it's just regular armour.

Will you be staying up tonight to dive into Far Harbor? Swim through the murky waters and come up for air in the comments section below.