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Much to the disappointment of many a potential buyer, Street Fighter V launched in February with minimal single player content. Aside from the insultingly short character stories, survival and training were, and still are, the only options when it comes to facing off against the artificial intelligence.

That's going to change soon, however, once the game's story expansion launches in June - but we're honestly not expecting much from that addition. Thankfully, in an interview with Game Informer magazine, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono states that the developer is looking beyond the expansion as far as single player content goes. "Additionally, we're looking into adding a versus CPU mode, and more new unannounced gameplay content for offline players that will be made available for free throughout 2016 and beyond," Ono told the publication.

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He goes on to say that "we did our best to include as much content as we could for the February launch, but obviously some players expected more. For those fans, all we can say is that we're working hard to address the concerns that have been voiced, and we have huge plans in place for regular game updates that will contain enhancements and new content additions." Fair enough, Ono, but we're just hoping that we won't be sitting here a year from now writing this exact same article.

Has Street Fighter V's lack of single player modes put you off grabbing the game? Would you be tempted to jump into the fray once content is added? Pray for arcade in the comments section below.

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