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There's a Microsoft survey doing the rounds that proposes the idea of "selling back" digital games for store credit. In the questionnaire, it hypothesises a potential scenario where you could essentially relinquish rights to any of the non-physical games stored on your hard drive in return for 10 per cent of the purchase price back. But if this was brought to the PlayStation 4, is it something that you'd use?

On the one hand, the "trade in" value seems low; a $60 purchase would net you just $6, while a cheaper digital download at $15 would see you score just $1.50 for your troubles. But when you consider that there's no way of getting money back from old downloadable games right now, optimists may argue that something is better than nothing.

Of course, the fact that there's no way to trade in digital games at the present means that – PlayStation Plus freebies aside – we all own them in perpetuity, which has its advantages; this author recently downloaded PixelJunk Eden to his PlayStation 3 without issue, for example. However, there are no doubt many PlayStation Network titles that you own which you never, ever intend to play again.

And in those instances, wouldn't it be worth "selling them back" and earning a little boost to your PlayStation wallet in order to fund future purchases? To be honest, we're torn – and it's not even clear how a system like this would actually work. But assuming that it would, is it something that you'd take advantage of? And how much cash back would you expect? Let us know in the poll below.

Would you trade in your PSN games for credit? (273 votes)

Yes, I’d use this regularly


Sure, but only certain titles


It would depend how much I got


I’m really not sure, y’know


No way, I’d never do this


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How much credit would you expect to get back? (261 votes)

I’d honestly be happy with 10 per cent


I’d expect at least 25 per cent, in truth


Personally, I’d want 50 per cent cash back


I’d only do this if I got 75 per cent or more


I’ve already told you: I'm not interested


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