VEV PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Reading the PlayStation Blog post for VEV: Viva Ex Vivo, a biological survival game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, is a bit like going back to school: it doesn't make much sense. Look, we were listening when you spouted intel about membranes and white blood cells, Mr. Sturgeon – but we doubt even you would understand the core concepts of this upcoming game.

It sounds a little bit like flOw crossed with Aquanaut's Holiday crossed with… The human body? Except it's not just biological substances that you'll be shepherding a microscopic man-made fibre through – you'll also be exploring pond water. The game's described as an arcade-esque experience, and it sounds like you'll be scooping up food and combo-ing it to create compounds – we're not really sure.

Look, we'll direct you towards the PlayStation Blog post because we've read it twice and we don't really "get" what it's trying to say. We're a little slow on the uptake when it comes to scientific stuff, though, so we're sure that you'll have better luck. If only David Attenborough had narrated the trailer, this would have been a much more informative article.