destiny crimson days patch.jpg

Destiny's February update is available to download now on PlayStation 4 - but unless you're looking forward to this month's Crimson Days event, there's not much to really get excited about.

Patch 2.1.1 introduces the new two-on-two competitive multiplayer mode, which begins today and ends on the 16th February. The event requires you to team up with a friend in order to take on other doubles in the Crucible. If your partner is taken down, you'll temporarily gain the "heartbroken" buff, which maximizes your stats and grants you faster reload speed. We suppose that it'll add a relatively interesting dynamic to proceedings.

Aside from that, the update brings numerous fixes to the game and implements new Crucible playlists. Yeah, we told you that it isn't all that exciting.

Have you been playing Destiny lately? Will you be finding a buddy for Crimson Days? Dance together in the comments section below.