final fantasy vii ps4 psn

In a move that many of you will have no doubt saw coming, the PSone to PC port of Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation 4 PlayStation Store during Sony's PlayStation Experience press conference. The game is currently available to download right now in North America, but there's no sign of it just yet in Europe.

The title currently costs $10.87, but this discounted price is only applied for a limited time - from now until the 12th December, to be precise. After that, the enhanced PSone game will cost a somewhat steep $15.99.

Have you already grabbed this one, or are you just about to? Sharpen your buster sword in the comments section below.

Update: Final Fantasy VII is now available in Europe - it costs £8.99/€10.99, and there's no sign of any limited discounts. It's also worth pointing out that buying the game on PS4 nets you a lovely theme for your console. Hurrah!