Blood brothers

After the expected PlayStation montage at start of PSX 2015, Sony kicked things off with a bang, as a new Uncharted 4 story trailer was shown. Said trailer showed the reunion of Drake with his brother Sam, who really isn't that dead after all. They discuss the adventures that he's been on, before revealing that Nate is now married to Elena.

Interestingly, it seems that dialogue trees have been added to the game, which could potentially mean that a number of different endings – or, at least, different paths through the story – exist. The tree only really demonstrated a small choice, with Nate deciding what adventure he should talk about first, but it could be used on a bigger, more dramatic scale in the full game.

Do you have any theories about how Sam will tie into the story? Are the dialogue trees a good idea? Hang off of a derailed train in the Himalayas in the comments.