We got nothing

It looks like even Santa Monica Studios is dipping its metaphorical feet into the pool of insane indie games, since it is helping Vitei Backroom bring its, er, glorious vision of the zombie apocalypse to PlayStation VR with The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. where you – you guessed it – drive a taxi car as a zombie.

It's currently in development and will release sometime during 2016, but the trailer glimpses into a silly, cartoon world of civilized undead being escorted by you across the city to their particular destinations. Along the way, you'll apparently have sandwiches flying into the backseat, destroy every possible stand imaginable that lies in the wake of your taxi, and violently eject your passengers with lovely ragdoll physics. Yes, we're not sure what's entirely going on either, but if it's anything like the hilarious Crazy Taxi, it might just prove to offer some laughs.

Do you think that this is a banal attempt to jump on the success that titles like Surgeon Simulator and Goat Simulator have had, or does this post-apocalyptic project expertly emulate how you wish you could drive? Bring out your dead in the comments section.