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Sony's clearly still struggling to find the right pricing model for PlayStation Now, but the platform holder evidently sees this as a long-term initiative, so that's fine. And if you've been interested in the service but have been put off by the entry fee, then maybe this all-new North American offer will appeal to you.

Starting from 8th December, you'll be able to pay $99.99 for a full 12 month subscription to the cloud streaming service. That represents a saving of over 55 per cent compared to the normal price, and means that you'll be paying less than $9 a month to access a growing roster of on-demand games. Not bad at all.

To celebrate the special offer, the platform holder's adding a slew of Warner Bros titles to the service's catalogue, with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Injustice: Gods Among Us getting in on the action. Is this quietly getting closer to the kind of price that you'd be willing to pay? Cosplay as Lakitu in the comments section below.