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We can't quite make up our mind about this new Rocket League trailer. On the one hand, it's pretty darn good – but we can't shake the feeling that it would probably fit a romantic comedy movie better. That said, we suppose that Psyonix's arcade smash has one of the greatest coming of age stories ever – after all, no one gave a crap about predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

The developer really wants you to remember the PlayStation 3 exclusive, though, which is why it's preparing a new expansion pack named Revenge of the Battle-Cars. This is due out in October and will come with a bunch of new goodies, including two retro rides: Scarab and Zippy. There'll also be new decals, paint types, rocket boosts, toppers, antennas, and Trophies. Plenty to sink your teeth into, then.

The content will cost you a bargain bin £3.29/$3.99, but don't worry if you don't want to cough up because there's also some complimentary content on the way. Anyone that owns the game will be able to download two new stadium variations for free: Utopia Coliseum at dusk and Urban Station at night. The developer says that it's working on new arenas, too – but these will adopt more "unusual" layouts.

There are also other little goodies on the way, such as fresh audio and country flags. Will you be getting your revenge on the Battle-Cars next month? Score a worldie in the comments section below.

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