Image: Craker

There's no doubt that Sony loves a remaster, but if it can make a few extra pennies by re-selling old PlayStation 2 games, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will. Fortunately for the format holder, it looks like some kind of compatibility with the last-last-gen console may be on the cards, as PEGI has revealed a slew of PlayStation 4 ratings for PS2 titles like Ape Escape 2, Dark Chronicle, and Twisted Metal: Black. It's probable that these will all be sold on the PlayStation Store.

There are no similar ratings on the ESRB website, but it's safe to assume that this will be a global initiative if PS2 games are coming to the PS4, with an announcement likely to be made during the platform holder's pre-TGS conference later in the week. Of course, it could also be an error – but it's rare for ratings boards to classify titles that don't exist. We'll reach out to the Japanese giant in an attempt to get clarification.

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