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2 billion hours. 2 billion hours. That's how long you lot have collectively played Destiny for, according to Activision. The mega-publisher revealed the frankly shocking figure along with its most recent financial report, and we're still trying to wrap our heads around it.

Apparently, that means that on average, each player has spent around 100 hours shooting the same hordes of aliens and collecting the same pointless intergalactic trinkets. We jest, of course - clearly Bungie's shooter has something that keeps people coming back for more, despite what the hordes of non-believers have to say on the matter.

The sci-fi title also boasts over 20 million registered players, again according to Activision, which we suppose makes sense given the colossal amount of in-game time that users have amassed.

Are you a main contributor to these massive statistics, or did you give up on Destiny a long time ago? Lay your hands on some epic loot in the comments section below.