Chip off the old block

We're huge fans of the blockbusters here at Push Square Towers, but fresh blood is required to make the biggest and best games a reality. Sheffield Hallam University based in the north of England has been working with PlayStation for a little while now, with its Steel Minions studio promising students real-world development experience. And its next game, PieceFall, is set to release next week exclusively on the PlayStation 4 – for the princely sum of £1.00.

Long-time readers may remember our feature on the team's previous title BounceBack, which launched as part of Sony's short-lived PlayStation Minis initiative. Many of the students went on to land jobs at Sumo Digital, working on releases such as LittleBigPlanet 3. And the future looks equally bright for the latest batch of fledgling developers that have built the university's all-new Tetris-like title, as the production values appear to be a real step up.

The game's due out on 15th July on the European PlayStation Store, and we're hoping to bring you more from some of the students behind the release over the coming week.