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Well, this is it: your last chance to save Shenmue. It's been a topsy-turvy ride for Yu Suzuki's long awaited Kickstarter campaign, but with the end in sight, it's time for one final push to make Shenmue III a reality. At the time of typing, the title has amassed $5.5 million, which means that it's agonisingly close to breaking Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's record. Once that's beaten, it'll then be a case of the project amassing as much money as it can possibly muster in the final hours.

A few new reward tiers have been announced overnight. If you up your pledge to $39, you'll net a couple of exclusive wallpapers, while your name will be included on the game's official website. It's a minor thing, we suppose – but it's basically just an incentive to increase your pledge by $10. A bunch of character busts were also revealed for $2,500, but they've all been snapped up at the time of typing. There are still some big tiers left, however, like the opportunity to appear on a Lucky Hit board.

Yu Suzuki will be holding a livestream later this evening, which you'll be able to watch live here on Push Square. In the meantime, he shared the embedded video thanking everyone for their support. If you're not entirely sure why this series is so special, check out our article on the franchise through here. In the meantime, let us know whether you've backed the project in the comments section below.