Sony Santa Monica PS4 PlayStation 4

Sony Santa Monica is now some 15 or so years old. The first-party developer has evolved into a mini-publishing arm for PlayStation, both producing internal blockbusters and collaborating with external developers on exclusive projects. And that means that it has an enormous portfolio, spanning everything from God of War and Twisted Metal through to Linger in Shadows and The Unfinished Swan.

You may remember that the developer recently rebranded, ditching its scribble-like logo for something a little more versatile. The idea was that it would be able to adapt its icon depending on the title, with Fat Princess adopting pinks and pastel blues while Hohokum employs purples and golds.

And in order to illustrate just how busy the Californian company's been over the past 15 years, it's launched an image showcasing every single one of the PlayStation titles that it's played a part in since being established all that time ago. The big question is: which of these brands is your favourite? Pick a winner in the comments section below.