The maniacal Monokuma is scary enough on our PlayStation Vita screen, never mind directly in front of our eyes. Thanks to AllGamesBeta's YouTube channel, we've snagged a look at how a courtroom situation in Danganronpa would play out using Project Morpheus, Sony's virtual reality headset.

The results are as weird as you'd expect, with characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc shouting and screaming at each other in full 3D. To be honest, the whole thing's pretty unsettling, especially when time runs out and the player's sent down a conveyor belt to their doom.

Still, this is the sort of stuff that we reckon would work well on Morpeheus – something a bit different, something original. But what do you make of it? Do you fancy having Monokuma beamed directly into your peepers or are you unafraid of the evil robot bear and his questionable ethics? Close the case in the comments section below.