We don't know about you, but as this author got older, the concept of 'fashionably late' got taken to extremes. Events would be scheduled for, say, 19:00PM – but you were a jerk if you showed up any earlier than 22:00PM. Growing up is pretty dumb, huh? Having said that, such tactics may come in handy when it comes to Corpse Party – after all, murder on the dancefloor ain't just a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song in this series.

Already a popular property on the PlayStation Portable, niche publisher XSEED has announced that PlayStation Vita release Corpse Party: Blood Drive will be heading to North America this fall. It'll launch as part of a limited 'Everafter Edition' at retail, which will come with a compilation CD soundtrack, as well as an art book.

For those out of the loop, this is the first version of the game to boast polygonal models as opposed to sprites. It'll ship with Japanese voiceovers and will be completely uncensored, barring a ratings board catastrophe. The game will be on display at E3 2015 this month, so expect to learn a whole lot more during the show. In the meantime, there's a lot more information about the title available on the developer's official website.

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