Sk Esti

Ah, Kenichiro Takaki, the rather bombastic mind behind the Senran Kagura series. Unsurprisingly, when he isn't busy talking about women, he's probably busy thinking about them, but in a recent interview with PlayStation Universe, he was actually contemplating something different: the power of the PlayStation 4.

"Simply put, with making the girls cuter and aesthetically more pleasing, PS4 is a powerful machine [for that purpose] and it was easier to create what I had envisioned on the console," Takaki told the publication. Indeed, Japanese developers in general struggled with PS3 development during the reign of last-generation consoles, so it's encouraging to see various studios praise Sony's latest machine.

Do you think that the next Senran Kagura game will step up its, er, cuteness? Try to be tasteful in the comments section below.