The Last Guardian PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The Last Guardian was undoubtedly one of the highlights of Sony's big E3 2015 media briefing last night. It's taken Fumito Ueda and his team seven long years to get the former PlayStation 3 exclusive up to a standard where it's presentable outside of trailer form, but finally, we got a glimpse at a meaty gameplay demo from the Team ICO developed release.

And it's easy to see why it's taken so long: the group's breaking new ground here, building an experience around an AI animal in a very complex space. Speaking with Geoff Keighley immediately after last night's press conference, SCEA executive Scott Rohde corroborated that, explaining that the legendary team needed extra time to make things function as intended.

"Sometimes it takes a really long time to realise a vision," he said. "I think that it's important to recognise that at PlayStation that's really important to us – y'know, we're not just going to kick out a game because it's been promised or whatever. The vision has to stay true, and I think that this is the best evidence of that possible."

Pushed for a little more information on the gameplay, Rohde added: "It's so much about the relationship between Trico and the main character that it's hard to explain exactly how that feels. I mean, you really care about every moment and every emotion that's portrayed between the two, and I think that [the demo] did a good job of portraying how Trico helps the boy and the boy helps Trico."

The game will release in 2016, but it's had a release date before, so will it hit this one? "It's on the cusp; it's almost there," said Rohde, suggesting that the release is nearing completion. Do you think that it will be worth the wait – or were you somehow disappointed by the re-reveal? Spread your wings in the comments section below.