And so it begins: the Project Morpheus software announcements are starting to arrive. We've heard word of two separate titles that will be on display at Sony's booth, though we're sworn to secrecy for the moment. Loading Human, it appears, we can talk about. The high-concept trailer embedded below should give you the general gist – it's a sci-fi game set from a first-person perspective.

Originally funded on Kickstarter, the virtual reality exclusive will see you journey through the memories of a man who crossed the universe to retrieve something called the "quintessence", an unknown energy source which helped him to save his father. It sounds like Heavy Rain meets Assassin's Creed in space, and while it's clearly not going to be a looker, dedicated software such as this is exactly what the headset needs to succeed.

We're sure that we'll be learning much more about this at E3 2015 next week, where it will be on display. Are you ready to journey through time and space? Strap yourself in to another world in the comments section below.