Never happened

So, remember back when Rockstar Games said that Grand Theft Auto V would be getting some story-based DLC? Yeah, like a super long time ago? Turns out that never happened. Crazy, right? But when Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about any upcoming content in a recent earnings call, he seemed a bit dazed, saying: "No, we haven't discussed any story-based downloadable content. We did talk about the Heists and they've been released."

When the caller mentioned the initial plans for more story content, Zelnick said that he had no recollection. To its credit, Take-Two has issued a swift response, stating that its boss misspoke. "Rockstar Games had said that it is exploring story mode content for Grand Theft Auto V; however, no further information has been released since," a spokesperson said. So, er, what do you think? Are you still holding out for more Michael, Franklin, and Trevor? Just be honest in the comments section below.