According to history, Naomasa Li was apparently a bit of a badass. One of Ieyasu Tokugawa's most renowned retainers, he led a unit known as the 'Red Devils' - a nickname brought about by their crimson armour. Although it's thought that his death was mostly due to a wound that he received during one of Japan's most decisive historical battles, he's nevertheless remembered as a courageous and effective general who claimed numerous victories.

His memory also lives on in the upcoming Samurai Warriors 4-II, where he can be found performing flying kicks on enemy horsemen. Okay, so Omega Force's rendition of the warrior probably isn't all that accurate, but we're loving it all the same.

The hack and slasher's first English subtitled trailer gives us a brief overview of the release's new stories, and laces the exposition with action. Do you think that you'll be giving Naomasa a whirl? Cut down your opponents like they're nothing in the comments section below.