SCEE's the blue guy; you're the red guy

Costume Quest 2 is finally out in Europe six months after the holiday that it was produced to promote, so what are you whinging about? Oh, that's right: Shovel Knight, which everyone expected to be part of today's European PlayStation Store update, is actually not due out in the Old World until, er, tomorrow. Maybe. Why? We're going to assume that SCEE's to blame.

Fortunately, the sidescroller won't be joining certification limbo like 1001 Spikes and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; Yacht Club Games says that it'll be out on Thursday, 23rd April. Of course, there's no mention of this on the PlayStation Blog – in fact, the PlayStation Access promotional video claims that the game's out on Friday, so your guess is as good as ours.

If you can't tell, we're starting to get a bit hacked off with SCEE's constant incompetence. There's not a week goes by where it doesn't cock up the PlayStation Store update in these parts, and while we can appreciate the challenges of working with so many countries, it's simply not good enough. Get the game up on time, guys – and if you can't, at least tell us when we will be able to play it. FFS.

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