Remember that kid at school that not only got the best grades in everything but was also the captain of the football team? Yeah, we still throw darts at his photo from time to time. Well, this YouTuber is even better than him, as he's played through the entirety of Bloodborne – boss fights and all – without using a gun and without levelling up. No glitches, no cheats, and no exploits – this is legit stuff.

And it's honestly quite mesmerising. You can watch the full playthrough through here, but obviously there are spoilers, so we'll focus on the Blood-Starved Beast. This author was about, er, Level 30 or so when he took on the nimble foe – and still got his ass kicked. But this dude is just Level 4, and he comes through the battle relatively unscathed. Sure it takes serious patience, but the skills on display are outrageous.

We are not worthy.