Battle 6 - Ghost Fight

The gameplay of most titles can be summed up quite easily with words or pictures. You get a gun and blow off zombie heads or you pick up a sword and go hack-and-slash in dungeons – simple, right? Aksys Games' Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a different kettle of fish because – well, just how do you hunt down ghosts? Thankfully the publishing house is on hand to help you discover the wonderful world of paranormal hunting. In a handy video embedded below, the game's editor shows off just how combat works.

To get straight into the nitty-gritty of this lengthy video, you want to jump straight to 6:30 where you learn battle prep and how to set traps. There are numerous items than can be placed to help you detect the presence of a ghost and to help block their movement. Then comes the hard part: tracking them down. The video guides you through how to advance in combat, and how to attack the phantoms head on.

Has the video helped pique your interest in this incredibly unique, supernatural title? Speak with the dead in the comments section below.