We're getting numerous reports that the PlayStation Network is offline for some, and as we posted earlier today, the service isn't due its scheduled maintenance until the 15th January.

Users are saying that when they attempt to sign in, they're met with a standard maintenance message, and we can confirm that it's happening to some of our staff here at Push Square Towers, too. Meanwhile, Sony currently has the PSN's status tagged as "Heavy Network Traffic", but this doesn't exactly help the negative press, does it?

Are you online? Did you have any multiplayer gaming sessions planned tonight? Vent your grief in the comments section below.

Update: Sony's commented on the latest outage. "We're aware that some of you are having issues connecting to the PSN," it said in a familiar statement. "Engineers are investigating."

Update 2: We're now receiving multiple reports that the PSN is coming back online for large amounts of users. Can you sign in yet? Don't forget to keep us informed in the comments section below.

[source support.us.playstation.com]