Don't look so glum

Even before its initial reveal, people were speculating about how Uncharted 4 will play. Given The Last of Us' impact on the gaming scene with its brutal mix of stealth and close-quarters combat, many thought that Nathan Drake's latest may follow a similar route, and although we always doubted that the series would move away from its bombastic approach to action, the PS4 adventure has definitely taken some inspiration from its post-apocalyptic brother.

Speaking with Game Informer, Naughty Dog leaders Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann talk about how the two games compare, and it makes for quite an interesting watch. One part in particular jumped out at us, as Straley mentions possible concerns that Drake's newest journey will adopt a more serious tone. "We're not going to make it too dark, everybody calm down, take a breath," he begins, smiling, before adding: "Any project with Nolan North on it – it can't get too dark." We suppose that The Last of Us doesn't count, then?

In any case, you can watch the full half hour interview below, before telling us what you think in the comments section.