... And so it begins. We already expected the bulk of this week to be riddled with teaser trailers and subtle hints, but we didn't anticipate that we'd be stumped as soon as Monday evening. Scratching our collective heads we are, though, as the Spanish PlayStation Blog has uploaded a video for “PlayStation's best hidden secret". The clip, titled EMAGON, shows a forest, followed by a desert with a single sapling growing out of the sand.

Interestingly, this hasn't appeared in the UK or North America just yet, leading us to think that it's a regional announcement – but it does point towards some kind of 5th December reveal, which just so happens to be the same date as The Game Awards. We suspect that the title is pronounced 'imagine', but other theories suggest that it's an anagram for 'Game On' or, er, 'No Game'. As you can see, we're just as baffled as you are.

The post on the Spanish PlayStation Blog seems to indicate that this has something to do with the PSone's birthday, but we're struggling to connect the dots. Do you have any theories on what this could possibly be about? Put us out of our misery in the comments section below.

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