Bandicoots on the loose

If you’re anything like this editor, you’ll have fond memories of ClipArt. Decorating school reports with dodgy pictures was a real highlight of this writer’s formative years, and we suspect that it was the same for many of you. Still, now that we’re older and wiser, the Microsoft Office accessory has kind of lost its lustre – thank heavens for this Tumblr blog, then, which transforms recognisable video game box art into cheap and cheerful masterpieces.

ClipArt Cover Art is absolutely packed to the brim with dodgy re-creations of some of the industry’s greatest games; from Grand Theft Auto V to The Last of Us, the imaginitive individual behind this blog has come up with some Comic Sans-inspired crackers. Don’t believe us? Take a look through the link to see for yourself. And, yes, before anyone asks – it is very much a slow news day.

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