"Almost time to wake up, Drake"

Sony’s always been a big proponent of Spike TV’s typically terrible VGA Awards, but with Geoff Keighley flying solo this year, it looks like that’s not going to change. Part of an action packed weekend in Las Vegas – which is also set to host the PlayStation Experience fan convention – The Game Awards look like they’ll hold a few surprises of their own.

Neil Druckmann, who’s currently the creative director on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, took a break from his Thanksgiving dinner in order to tease something Naughty Dog related at the impending ceremony. “Saw a sneak peek of something that’s happening at The Game Awards that has me very excited,” he tweeted. “Can’t wait.”

While this could technically be connected to absolutely anything, there's no doubt that The Last of Us' lead writer is most likely to be privy to early information about his own projects. We already know that the first footage of Metal Gear Online will debut during the event as well, so it looks like Geoff Keighley has managed to secure some killer ‘world exclusives’ all over again. Does that man never sleep?

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