Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Patch

Assassin’s Creed Unity is busted. You can play the game, for sure – but it’s not a particularly pleasant experience a lot of the time. If our ghastly glitches roundup didn’t already get that point across, then know that during a co-op session with associate editor Robert Ramsey last night, this author’s game slipped into a slideshow. And we’re not exaggerating here – it was literally running at five frames-per-second for a lengthy span of time.

Fortunately, publisher Ubisoft is aware that you’re having problems – in fact, it’s launched a live blog to outline some of the fixes that it’s working on. These include simple errors such as protagonist Arno Dorian getting stuck in hay carts or falling through the floor. It also claims that it’s busy investigating framerate issues, graphical and collision problems, and matchmaking co-op errors. Basically, you’re beta testing the game.

To be honest, despite all of the flaws, we’re still having a decent enough time with this Parisian escapade – even if it isn’t especially revolutionary in the slightest. It’s insane to think that the title has launched in this sorry state, though – after all, this is a blockbuster release from a major publisher and not an indie game developed in someone’s shed. Are you managing to enjoy yourself despite all of the product's problems? Glitch through a wall in the comments section below.