PlayStation Plus PS4 Europe

Sony’s heard your pleas regarding PlayStation Plus and finally seems ready to power up the service now that the PlayStation 4 is a year or so old. Writing on the European PlayStation Blog, the platform holder has confirmed the next-gen lineup for December and January – and while there are still a couple of (great) indie games present, we’ve no doubt that you’ll be paying attention to the blockbuster names.

NetherRealm Studios developed superhero brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us will represent the first of these in December, where it will be accompanied by isometric spaghetti western Secret Ponchos. Things are set to get even more supercharged in January, with the addition of first-party favourite inFAMOUS: First Light and the critically acclaimed The Swapper. We’re hoping to see a few more smiles in the comments section today.

Indeed, the only thing worthy of a scowl is the fact that SCEA has yet to confirm whether these titles will be available in North America as well, but the Instant Game Collection lineups have been largely identical globally for the past year or so, so we doubt that there’ll be too many changes. The big question is: are you happy with these titles? Cheer or sneer in the comments section below.

Update: This partial lineup has now been confirmed for North America as well via the PlayStation Blog. Happy days.