Few moments are more exciting in a gamer’s life than when a new piece of hardware leaks. As such, many of you will probably be able to recall your mood at the exact second when photographs of the PlayStation 4’s revised controller filtered out onto the web. Unfortunately, the real unit was revealed not long after this leak, meaning that we never really got to explore the exposé. Well, until now.

Almost a year after the next-gen console’s launch, one intrepid YouTube user has managed to film a video comparing the prototype DualShock 4 to its eventual retail replacement. And while the initial appearances are largely identical, there are some minor distinctions. For example, the pre-release unit employed a d-pad similar to the PlayStation Vita, and also boasted a mini USB charging slot, as opposed to a micro USB input.

You can view the full list of changes in the video embedded below. Are there are any features present on the prototype that you wished had made it into the final version? Spot the difference in the comments section.

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