"Why wasn't I in PS All-Stars?"

Fun fact: the Invizimals franchise is absolutely enormous in developer Novarama’s home nation Spain, where it plays host to its own sticker book and Saturday morning cartoon series. It’s proved less popular in the UK and North America, but Sony seems to support it out of necessity if nothing else. That can be evidenced by the sudden release of five new entries in the United States.

Things kicked off yesterday with the launch of the series’ three PlayStation Portable titles, all of which are available on the PlayStation Store right now. The platform holder notes that it’s adapted the original source code in order to make the titles compatible with the PlayStation Vita’s augmented reality cards, which is a nice little touch.

The trio will be followed next week by the release of native Vita title Invizimals: The Alliance and PlayStation 3 spin-off Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom. These two instalments tie into each other, with the former sticking closely to the blueprints of the PSP game, while the latter plays a little like one of the LEGO titles – without any of the polish. Will you be heading out on the hunt in the near future? Catch ‘em all in the comments section below.

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