Bu Wt1 V5 Ig AEEHxs

We all know that Easter eggs aren't just designed to make us feel sick, but also to keep us entertained all year round by popping up in video games when we least expect them. It seems that developer Naughty Dog did more than just brush up on the graphics in The Last of Us Remastered, too, as one Twitter user has uncovered Clementine's backyard from Telltale Games' adaptation of The Walking Dead.

While this version may be a little cramped for space, it still shares a lot of the same key features, such as the patio doors, detached garage, swimming pool, and, most importantly, the tree-house where you first meet the heroine. You could say that it's a normal suburban home, but we think that the resemblance is close enough. Either way, it's great to see two plague ridden worlds cross over – but it also makes us wonder if there are any other secrets lurking in this remake. Watch out for walkers in the comments section below.

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