Whoever though that changing buildings could be such an emotional process? As you may recall, Sony Santa Monica - the studio behind the God of War series, as well as several other smaller delights - has been going through a bit of a transformation of late.

First, the developer gave its logo a much needed redesign, and now it's moved its entire operations into a new building. Citing size constraints, as well as the increased manpower needed for PlayStation 4 development, the new building seems to be much better equipped for the studio's needs.

Despite the high spirits, the whole process seems to have been a bit exhausting for the team. So in an effort to raise morale, the entire staff took part in a scavenger hunt in and around the new premises, as well a gameshow-esque challenge with questions pertaining to the studio's history. Incidentally, this particular reporter has been lobbying for a Hunger Games-style scavenger hunt in the illustrious Push Square towers. Needless to say, the idea hasn't gained much traction.

Are you impressed with the new building, or will you withhold judgement until you see what comes out of it? Set up shop in the comments section below.

[via youtube.com]