Assuming that series creator Ken Levine’s cancelled Final Fantasy Tactics-esque vision for BioShock Vita wasn’t a big enough kick in the teeth, 2K Games has now announced that the series’ original entry will be riding Rapture’s bathysphere to the iPhone and iPad at some point in the near future. That sinking sensation that you can feel ain’t because you’re in water.

While it’s undoubtedly an impressive development in the mobile space, this news will likely hurt more than a punch from the bronzed boss edition of Frank Fontaine. After all, this was a franchise that was closely linked to Sony’s flagging handheld format for the longest time, so to see this port skip the system is a desperate shame.

What’s more irritating is that the first-person adventure’s controls seem much better suited to the Japanese giant’s device, which sports dual analogue sticks and physical face buttons rather than a single touch screen. Alas, overlord Take Two was able to successfully flog several Grand Theft Auto titles with inferior input interfaces, so would you kindly get used to the idea?