"What did you just say?"

Every now and then, developers creating exclusive adventures like to talk up the hardware that they’ve opted to work on. In this instance, it’s the folks at Ready at Dawn, who don’t believe that historical excursion The Order: 1886 would be possible on any platform other than the PlayStation 4. Prepare to pull out your pitchforks like you’ve just identified Jack the Ripper.

“We couldn’t have achieved this graphical fidelity with any other console," community manager J Goldberg told GameSpot as part of an interview in New York City last week. The studio spokesperson continued that the title’s concept was conceived while the firm was working on the PlayStation Portable, which certainly wouldn’t have been capable of coping with its filmic interpretation of London.

The game employs motion capture across the board, and the same character models for both cinematics and gameplay, meaning that there are no jarring transitions between cut-scenes and action – everything is seamlessly threaded together. "We're moving the camera in space; we're not loading in a video,” Goldberg explained.

Of course, outside of the stunning visuals, the release’s real appeal is its Victorian setting, which is one that doesn’t have a whole lot of competition. “There hasn't really been a game set in this period,” he beamed. “There were a lot of incredibly cool things that happened, with the government, with inventions, and so on – folks love that stuff. We knew that we could have a lot of fun with it if we took that rich history and put our own spin on it.”

Are you still looking forward to the murky exclusive, or has your hype dwindled since the release’s delay? Take us back in time courtesy of the comments section below.

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