Heralded as a true survival horror experience, and considered the spiritual successor to the widely adored Resident Evil 4, The Evil Within's gory gameplay has several of us here at Push Square pretty buzzed. Unfortunately, the title was delayed earlier this year, and was not scheduled to release until late October.

However, at QuakeCon 2014, Bethesda announced that we'll actually be getting our hands on Shinji Mikami's latest outing sooner than we previously anticipated. Indeed, the game will be scaring your pants off on 14th October in North America, 16th October in Australia, and 18th October in Europe. That's an entire week early, in case you were wondering. Perhaps the Maryland-based publisher is attempting to jostle for space in the already jam-packed month of October.

Will you be picking up The Evil Within, or – like this writer – do you plan on avoiding it like the plague? Duck for cover in the comments section below.

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