Mirror's Edge PS4

While the likes of The Last Guardian and Uncharted PS4 are sending the folks at Push Square towers gaga, it’s free-running follow-up Mirror’s Edge 2 that has this particular editor applying weird eyeliner patterns and jogging on the spot. And in order to reaffirm that the release will be making an appearance as part of EA’s pre-E3 press conference later today, the title’s official Facebook page has deployed a new piece of artwork, with the caption 'E3 2014'.

It shows much of what you’d expect from DICE’s underrated parkour-‘em-up: looming buildings, shiny surfaces, and heroine Faith looking like she’s mentally preparing for a race against Usain Bolt. Rumours suggest that the title may adopt an open world format, which we’ve got our fingers crossed comes true. While we wait for official confirmation, though, we’re going to play the original theme song on loop. Hype.

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